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Blog Post Aug 14, 2018

Supporting Start-ups with Better Management Practices

Ryan Nunn and Jay Shambaugh's analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau's Management and Organizational Practices (MOPS) survey finds that management competence does not increase with firm age, and that small firms often lack the management skills necessary to help their firms grow. New Hamilton Project policy solutions would include more rigorous evaluation of management practices and strengthen entrepreneurship as a result.

Blog Post Jul 27, 2018

Employment Status Changes Put Millions at Risk of Losing SNAP Benefits for Years

To investigate the extent of exposure to additional work requirements for SNAP participants, we describe monthly employment stability and find considerable churn in the labor market across the 20 hours per week threshold proposed in the House Farm Bill. Over 16 months, between one in five and one in three adults 18-59 without young children at home could be exposed to sanction under the House work requirement proposal.