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Blog Post Feb 16, 2018

It Is Impossible to Make Sound Policy without High-Quality Data

The President’s 2019 budget contains a variety of proposals that would reshape policy and reallocate spending across various agencies and policy programs. As the nation debates the pros and cons of these proposals, it is imperative that they be informed by reliable data—data that is often collected and made freely available by the federal statistical agencies. In this blog, Hamilton Project Policy Director Ryan Nunn discusses the merits of sound federal data collection.

Blog Post Jan 30, 2018

The Average American Worker Did Not Get Much of a Raise Last Year

On January 30, 2018, President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address. In his speech, President Trump highlighted the significant growth and progress of the U.S. economy during the last year. While a number of economic indicators are encouraging, many Americans have not benefited from this progress. In this blog, Hamilton Project Director Jay Shambaugh lays out several policy issues that have hampered broad-based economic growth. 

Blog Post Jul 18, 2017

How You Can Help Save Local Kids From Going Hungry This Summer

For many children, summer vacation evokes images of their favorite foods: backyard barbecues, fresh farmer’s market produce, s’mores by the campfire and frozen delights from the ice cream truck. However, for the 13 million children in America living in food-insecure households — homes lacking the adequate resources to purchase the food needed for an active, healthy lifestyle — summer vacation offers less relief than it does hunger and uncertainty. In this op-ed, Schanzenbach discusses ways each of us can help to make sure children don't go hungry this summer.

Blog Post Mar 24, 2017

The Economic and Policy Context for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—and primarily CO2 emissions—have meaningfully contributed to the warming the globe has experienced so far, and are expected to cause a damaging level of warming in coming decades. However, it remains uncertain whether policy makers around the world will be successful in responding to the threat of climate change. In this blog, the authors explore the role of the U.S. as a net carbon dioxide importer and evaluate how policy actions following the 2015 Paris Agreement are expected to mitigate growth in global GHG emissions.