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House, Senate moved toward passage of transportation patch

Celeb Cafe • July 30, 2015 • Dave Harris

"...The Hamilton Project, an initiative of the Brookings Institution, suggests having the gas tax fluctuate inversely with the price of gasoline, so drivers pay less tax when fuel prices are high..."

Short-term highway extension may be way out for Congress

Rapid News Network • July 29, 2015 • Jake Carter

The legislation we’ll be debating later this week will go for a significantly longer period of time. He noted that the goal remains a long-term highway bill. The Hamilton Project, an initiative of the Brookings Institution, suggests having the gas tax fluctuate inversely with the price of gasoline, so drivers pay less tax when fuel prices are high.

Job licenses prove occupational hazard, warns White House

The Financial Times • July 28, 2015 • Sam Fleming

"...In a report published in March by the Hamilton Project, Morris Kleiner of the University of Minnesota called occupational licensing “one of the fastest growing labour market institutions in the United States since World War II”..."

Education can’t fix inequality

The Boston Globe • July 27, 2015 • Evan Horowitz

"To test this theory, a team of researchers from the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution put together a simulation, where they estimated how different things would be if millions of high-school grads had made it through college. They found no meaningful change in overall inequality."

It’s about to get easier for California farmers to conserve water—and sell it

The Atlantic - CityLab • July 10, 2015 • Laura Bliss

"...Glennon argues that a stronger water market would internalize these costs. A report he co-authored for the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution lays out a novel way to do so: “Municipal and industrial folks should pay farmers modernize their irrigation infrastructure, in exchange for the water conserved,” he says. “By doing that, farmers would use less water, but grow the same amount of product so that they stay in business.”

Is Uncle Sam baking the books on energy efficiency?

Forbes • June 30, 2015 • William Pentland

"...In a paper titled “Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver?,” Meredith Fowlie, Michael Greenstone and Catherine Wolfram compared the predicted and actual energy savings from more than 30,000 energy efficiency projects participating in the federal Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), the largest residential energy efficiency program in the United States..."

The future for emerging markets

Project Syndicate • June 30, 2015 • Laura Tyson

Over the past year, the global economic environment changed markedly and in unexpected ways. Energy and commodity prices plunged. Growth in China (which accounts for about 40% of global growth) fell to its lowest rate since 1996, even as its stock market soared to unsustainable heights. The United States and the European Union ratcheted up economic sanctions on Russia in response to its military excursions in Ukraine, highlighting the geopolitical risks associated with cross-border investments. 

Lifetime Income Series: Ten Economic Facts About Financial Well-Being in Retirement The Hamilton Project 2015-06-29

Financial Sense • June 29, 2015

"This week Jim and John address The Hamilton Project, a report on retirement issued by the Brookings Institution. Most households in the United States find retirement planning a daunting challenge..."

How should the US reform its retirement savings system?

World Economic Forum • June 29, 2015 • Nick Bunker

A new paper from the Hamilton Project by John N. Friedman, an economist at Brown University, proposes important steps in reforming the current private retirement-savings system, but are they comprehensive enough given the depth of the problems?

Kalamazoo promise ‘significantly’ increases college graduation rates, study finds

M Live • June 25, 2015 • Julie Mack

"...The paper, "Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship on College Enrollment, Persistence and Completion," was released today by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. It was co-authored by Tim Bartik, Brad Hershbein and Marta Lachowska..."

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