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Structuring infrastructure

Reuters • May 13, 2015 • Daniel Indiviglio

"...To help the United States accelerate repairs and upgrades to roads, bridges and transit systems, Altman along with Princeton economist Alan Krueger and Aaron Klein, from the Bipartisan Policy Center think tank, published a new policy paper this week. They push for a 10-fold increase in appropriations for a federal infrastructure program, to $10 billion, which would back $400 billion in additional loans. More liberal accounting assumptions also would help, the trio write in their paper. And they have some good ideas about how to restructure user fees to make them fairer and fatter..."

Noted for your evening procrastination for May 12, 2015

Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality • May 12, 2015 • Brad DeLong

"New Hamilton Project blog post, "Six Economic Facts About Transportation Infrastructure in the United States," listed as a "Must Read" by Brad DeLong..."

The Left Coast rocks on job growth | Jon Talton

Seattle Times • May 12, 2015 • Jon Talton

"Still, the Hamilton Project noted that the nation still faced a jobs gap of 3.9 million — job growth that was lost because of the Great Recession..."

Timeline compromise emerges as policy expiration looms — Shuster’s donor connections raise questions

Politico - Morning Trasnportation • May 11, 2015 • Jennifer Scholtes

"...The secretary then heads to Brookings this afternoon to speak about infrastructure financing alongside former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. After that panel, Rep. John Delaney and Alan Krueger take the stage.."

It’s Infrastructure Week: More potholes than tax dollars to fill them

NPR • May 11, 2015 • Brian Naylor

"...The Obama administration's preferred approach for transportation funding would tax U.S. companies' overseas profits. But it hasn't gained much traction either. How about Build America Bonds? That's a proposal in a new paper from The Hamilton Project, which suggests the bonds could be a short-term solution to the nation's infrastructure funding needs. More likely, Congress will come up with another short-term fix, kicking the proverbial can down the road..."

Policymakers, financiers agree on infrastructure crisis, but no on funding mechanisms

Transport Topics • May 11, 2015 • Michele Fuetsch

"...The two were among nearly a dozen transportation and finance experts who discussed the country’s infrastructure crisis at a forum sponsored by the think tank, The Hamilton Project within the Brookings Institution. The forum was held at Brookings headquarters.The forum was opened by a Hamilton Project founder, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who was co-chairman of the investment giant Goldman Sachs before joining the administration of President Clinton in 1993."

Brookings recommends US gax tax hikes

Tax-News • May 11, 2015 • Mike Godrey

"The Brookings Institution, a think tank, has recommended indexing federal gas taxes so that they respond to retail gasoline price changes, as part of a solution to the lack of funding for the Highway Trust Fund. Short-term funding for the HTF, which will run out this month, was agreed in July last year to avoid cutbacks in transportation projects, and to provide time for the new Congress to work on an alternative longer-term solution. However, to date, there has been no sign of such a solution being agreed..."

Employment is up. Why aren’t wages?

The Weekly Standard • May 9, 2015 • Irwin M. Stelzer

"...The [Hamilton Project at] Brookings Institution reports that median earnings (the level in the middle of the wage distribution) of working men aged 30 to 45 without a high school diploma, fell in inflation-adjusted terms by 20% between 1990 and 2013, to $25,500 from $31,900 (in 2013 dollars). For similarly uneducated women the decline was not as steep, but still a significant 12%..." 

New jobs skyrocket in April while unemployment remains relatively unchanged

Phoenix Business Journal • May 8, 2015 • Eric Jay Toll

"...The Hamilton Project at Brookings still shows a 3.9 million job gap to bring employment to pre-recession levels of December 2007. The project reported that the economy needs to generate 249,000 jobs-per-month, a rate that will bring unemployment back to 2007 levels by January 2017..."

As unemployment falls, Americans wait for paychecks to grow

NBC News • May 8, 2015 • Martha C. White

"I think we're all expecting and really eager to see more pressure on wages," said Melissa Kearney director of Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project policy group. "There's still slack in the labor market."

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