The Hamilton Project produces and commissions policy proposals and analyses to promote broad-based economic growth by embracing a significant role for well-designed government policies and public investment.

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Posts September 2, 2021

A Hot Labor Market Won’t Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Unemployment Gaps

Stephanie Aaronson, Mitchell Barnes, and Wendy Edelberg discuss the benefits and potential limitations of promoting a tight labor market to eliminate racial an…
Papers April 12, 2021

A Comparison of Renters and Homeowners in Recent Decades

Wendy Edelberg, Sara Estep, Stephanie Lu, and Emily Moss examine and offer new insights on the recent history of housing policy from the latter half of the 20t…
Posts February 3, 2021

A Macroeconomic Analysis of a Senate Republican COVID Relief Package

Ten Senate Republicans recently proposed a $618-billion COVID relief package. In this piece, we provide an analysis of that package and update our analysis of …
Posts December 16, 2020

The Hamilton Project in 2020 – A Year in Figures

To conclude the year, Alexandra Contreras, Elizabeth Lee, and Stephanie Lu present here a month-by-month journey in figures through The Hamilton Project’s rese…
Papers December 8, 2020

The Black-White Wealth Gap Left Black Households More Vulnerable

Using updated data from the Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) for 2019, the authors of this blog find that the Black-white wealth gap present heading into the …
Posts November 23, 2020

Hungry at Thanksgiving: A Fall 2020 Update on Food Insecurity in the U.S.

In this analysis, Lauren Bauer provides evidence of an ongoing food insecurity crisis in the United States and current evidence on household food insecurity an…
Posts September 9, 2020

Five Figures Highlighting the Economic Impact of COVID-19

This blog post features five figures from recent Hamilton Project essays and analyses that illustrate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need…
Posts August 13, 2020

The COVID-19 Public Health and Economic Crises Leave Vulnerable Populations Exposed

Jevay Grooms, Alberto Ortega, and Joaquín Rubalcaba present new survey data revealing disparities in outcomes related to the COVID-19 pandemic across race/ethn…
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