Press Release

THP Appoints Diane Schanzenbach as New Director

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach of Northwestern University has been appointed to succeed Melissa Kearney as director of The Hamilton Project.

Recent Event

Promoting Financial Well-Being in Retirement

On June 23, THP hosted an event on financial well-being in retirement. The event focused on two innovative proposals designed to improve the economic security of American households and individuals during retirement years.

New Economic Facts

Ten Economic Facts about Financial Well-Being in Retirement

Rising life expectancy & potentially exorbitant long-term care costs have increased the financial resources required to support oneself and one’s spouse in retirement and old age. THP brings attention to trends in Americans’ retirement security.

Discussion Paper

Financing U.S. Transportation Infrastructure in the 21st Century

Roger Altman, Alan Krueger, and Aaron Klein propose a multi-pronged approach to increase investment in the nation’s infrastructure.

Recent Event

Expanding Employment Opportunities

On March 11, THP hosted a forum focused on expanding employment opportunities. Vice President Joe Biden delivered remarks. Panelists focused on reforming occupational licensing, strengthening unemployment insurance, and more.

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