New Analysis & Interactive

Major Decisions: Graduates' Eearnings Growth and Debt Repayment

In a new interactive feature & analysis, THP explores how the current student loan repayment system can create a heavy burden for recent graduates in some majors by requiring payments in the beginning of their careers when their earnings are low.

New Economic Analysis

Differences in Water Use Across the United States

Using newly released data, The Hamilton Project presents an economic analysis and a new interactive feature to illustrate the great variation in the level and nature of water use across the country.

Recent Event

New Directions for U.S. Water Policy

THP & the Stanford Woods Institute hosted a forum on Oct. 20th in Palo Alto, CA exploring challenges & opportunities for water policy. Scholars, policymakers & business leaders joined the panel conversations.

Analysis & Interactive

Major Decisions: What Graduates Earn Over Their Lifetimes

The value of higher education is widely reported. But what can graduates expect to earn given their choice of major & degree? THP’s new economic analysis & interactive explore career earnings by college major.

Blog Post

President Bill Clinton: Poverty is Not Just a Statistic

Fred Dews and Elina Saxena highlight President Clinton’s keynote remarks given at The Hamilton Project’s anti-poverty summit in June.

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