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Posts May 23, 2023

Debt ceiling brinksmanship has clear negative effects on taxpayers

Debt limit brinksmanship is already impacting Treasury securities. The increase in interest rates represents a cost to taxpayers and a lack of confidence among…
Economic Facts April 27, 2023

Ten Economic Facts about Electricity and the Clean Energy Transition

This set of facts elevates key energy system characteristics, especially within electricity production, that will be consequential to the clean energy transiti…
Policy Proposals April 27, 2023

Principles for Public Investment in Climate-Responsible Energy Innovation

This proposal lays out the rationale for substantially increasing federal spending on clean energy research and development, along with four foundational pilla…
Posts April 24, 2023

How Worried Should We Be if the Debt Ceiling Isn’t Lifted?

If the debt limit binds, how would the U.S. Treasury operate? How much would federal spending have to be cut? How would the economy be affected? Wendy Edelberg…
Posts April 4, 2023

Who’s Missing from the Post-Pandemic Labor Force?

An analysis backcasts census population revision in order to create a more informative point of comparison for the current size of the workforce and labor forc…
Posts March 23, 2023

Are We Headed for the Soft-ish Landing Projected by CBO and the Fed?

Recent CBO and Fed projections point toward a soft-ish landing: a return to low inflation with only a modest slowdown in economic activity and the labor market.
Posts March 6, 2023

Event Recap: Reducing Child Poverty in the United States

A March 2023 event on reducing child poverty featured a fireside chat between Sen. Michael Bennet and Amna Nawaz of PBS NewsHour.
Papers March 1, 2023

The Case for and Challenges of Delivering In-Kind Nutrition Assistance to Children

This essay makes the case that in-kind nutrition benefits—both in the form of prepared meals and grocery vouchers—support a healthy and hunger-free childhood.
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