The Hamilton Project produces and commissions policy proposals and analyses to promote broad-based economic growth by embracing a significant role for well-designed government policies and public investment.

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Economic Facts June 27, 2024

Twelve facts about the economics of education

This set of economic facts explores current trends and future directions in education.
Posts June 20, 2024

Beyond hunger: The role of SNAP in alleviating financial strain for low-income households

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is central to the U.S. safety net’s ability to help families weather financial shocks.
Posts June 6, 2024

Which states need support in welcoming new immigrants?

This analysis identifies states and localities that are facing fiscal pressure from newly arrived immigrants and suggests ways the federal government could red…
Posts June 3, 2024

Event recap—Building clean energy infrastructure: Roadblocks, tradeoffs, and solutions

On May 22, The Hamilton Project and the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability hosted an event to discuss the path to a resilient and clean electricity grid.
Economic Facts May 22, 2024

Eight facts about permitting and the clean energy transition

This set of facts illustrate the state of permitting reform and areas where attention should be focused to accelerate building out clean energy infrastructure.
Policy Proposals May 22, 2024

Climate change and utility wildfire risk: A proposal for a federal backstop

To mitigate wildfire risks from electric utilities, this proposal suggests applying California’s framework across the West via a voluntary multistate and feder…
Policy Proposals May 22, 2024

Governing the grid for the future: The case for a Federal Grid Planning Authority

Shelley Welton urges a greater federal role in grid governance to create a resilient electricity grid for the clean energy transition and tackle the grid’s int…
Posts May 16, 2024

Why did schools lose students after COVID-19?

This analysis explores factors behind families' decision to homeschool after the pandemic, given that public school enrollment losses are not fully explained b…
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