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Posts April 23, 2024

The changing demographics of business ownership

Gaps in business ownership have shrunk with a rise in Black and Hispanic entrepreneurship in recent years.
Posts April 22, 2024

Event recap—Securing the safety net for working-age adults

On April 17, The Hamilton Project hosted a webcast to discuss the safety net for non-elderly adults who do not have dependent children and do not receive disab…
Papers April 17, 2024

The safety net should work for working-age adults

Able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) receive minimal support from traditional safety net programs. Many struggle to work because of health conditions…
Papers April 17, 2024

The austere US safety net for poor, non-elderly adults who are not raising children and do not receive disability benefits

The safety net remains starkly inadequate for non-elderly childless adults without disability benefits, leading to higher rates of deep poverty, homelessness, …
Papers April 17, 2024

Poverty and poverty reduction among non-elderly, nondisabled, childless adults in affluent countries: The United States in cross-national perspective

Social policy in the United States leaves too many of its citizens exposed to financial hardship and poverty, in large part due to major gaps in coverage. In c…
Economic Facts March 21, 2024

Ten economic facts about rental housing

Facts and figures about the rental market shed light on renter demographics, rental inflation, housing insecurity, and more.
Papers March 14, 2024

Breaking down enrollment declines in public schools

This analysis breaks down public school enrollment changes by school size and investigates which type, locale, and level of schools have sustained substantial …
Papers March 7, 2024

New immigration estimates help make sense of the pace of employment

This analysis considers recent immigration flows and implications for the labor market, consumer spending, GDP, and inflation.
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