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News Coverage Mar 25, 2020

Reuters: After being courted by Trump, African Americans, Latinos face economic blow from coronavirus

“With job cuts hitting U.S. states as governors and companies order offices and workplaces closed, African Americans and Latinos are particularly vulnerable because they more often have jobs that cannot be done at home. 'That will make them more severely impacted by an extended coronavirus shutdown of the economy,' said Jay Shambaugh a White House economist during Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration.”

News Coverage Mar 22, 2020

The Post and Courier: Virus’ impact on spending may dictate Charleston port’s cargo volumes

“’This is unusual in that it may prove faster acting than past downturns,’ Jay Shambaugh, director of the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, told The New York Times. ‘The drop in oil prices and drop in financial markets alone, and when you add those to the impact of the virus and the hit to global demand, at some point that has spillovers to the U.S. economy.’”