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News Coverage Jul 31, 2019

Rochester Beacon: Rochester and the ‘superstar’ cities

“A map in a September 2018 report titled “The Geography of Prosperity” by The Hamilton Project of the Brooking’s Institution vividly portrays what has occurred in Rochester over the last several decades. It shows the change in Vitality Index, a measurement the researchers devised that contains a half-dozen components, with median household income the largest, weighted at 45 percent. From 1980 to 2016, our region ranks in the worst-performing group.”

News Coverage Jul 31, 2019

Middle East Monitor: The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the right to work

“International studies indicate that immigration often has a positive influence on the economies of host countries if it is handled well. That was the conclusion of the Hamilton Project (an economic policy initiative at the Brookings Institution, one of the most prominent think tanks in the world, launched in April 2006). The Hamilton studies confirm the role of immigrants in economic growth and the boosting of innovation.”

News Coverage Jul 28, 2019

New York Times: A Recession Is Coming (Eventually). Here’s Where You’ll See It First.

“Indicator 1: The Unemployment Rate. Note: Both unemployment rate and 12-month low are based on three-month rolling averages. Data is as originally reported (before revisions). Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics via [The Hamilton Project at the] Brookings Institution… Which is why right now the unemployment rate should be a source of comfort: Not only is it low, it’s trending down. When that has been the case historically, there has been less than a one in 10 chance of a recession within a year, according to a [Hamilton Project at] Brookings Institution analysis that worked off Ms. Sahm’s measure.”

News Coverage Jul 19, 2019

The Star-Ledger: Democrats’ job guarantee plan isn’t such a good idea, economist says

“That’s exactly what the Rebuilding Communities Job Subsidies (RCJS) program does, which I have proposed as part of the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project. RCJS not only promises to be more efficient than a federal jobs guarantee, but also more effective than past attempts like Enterprise Zones—which did relatively little to create jobs among the most disadvantaged.”

News Coverage Jul 19, 2019

MarketWatch: Procter & Gamble donated $529K to help U.S. women’s soccer win equal pay — while paying some of its U.K. female workers 28% less than men

“Companies are often interested in tracking their equal pay gap — the one between men and women in the same roles — because if there is one, it’s an obvious sign of outright gender discrimination, said economist Jay Shambaugh, director of The Hamilton Project at The Brookings Institution, a center-left Washington, D.C. think tank.”

News Coverage Jul 19, 2019

Wall Street Journal: Real Time Economics: The Fed’s Next Cut, Lagarde’s Tall Task and Energy’s Step Back

“Automation isn't behind rising wage inequality and employment polarization. ‘We do find a decline since 1973 in the share of workers earning middle wages. However, we find that a strong increase in the share of workers in the top bin is accompanied by a slight decline in the share in the bottom bin, inconsistent with employment polarization,’ Jennifer Hunt and Ryan Nunn write in a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper.”

News Coverage Jul 14, 2019

Yahoo Finance: Why American teens have left the workforce in droves

“'Teens are working less, both during the summer and during the school year. And what they’re doing instead is they’re using their time really well. Teen enrollment in school during the summer has quadrupled since the ‘80s and has doubled since 2000. And during the school year teens are now much more likely to just be enrolled in school and not trying to juggle both school and work,' Lauren Bauer, a co-author of the study and Brookings Institution economic studies fellow, tells Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM.”