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News Coverage Dec 30, 2019

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: An election guide, a prayer controversy and an ice cream trail: These are your Top 5 most-read stories of 2019

“Crunching the data in the report, I found the Top 10 most — and least — prosperous counties in Pennsylvania. Chart positions were based on a “prosperity score” put together by The Hamilton Project that combined such factors as a “county’s median household income, poverty rate, unemployment rate, prime-age employment rate, life expectancy, and housing vacancy rate,” according to the report.”

News Coverage Dec 27, 2019

Forbes: Rise In Climate-Related Deaths Will Surpass All Infectious Diseases, Economist Testifies

““The main [Climate Impact Lab (CIL)] finding to date is that the increase in the global mortality rate due to climate change-induced temperature changes in 2100 is larger than the current mortality rate due to all infectious diseases,” [Michael] Greenstone said Dec. 19 to members of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s Subcommittee on Environment.”

News Coverage Dec 22, 2019

Billings Gazette: Gazette opinion: USDA discards recession safety valve

“Researchers Lauren Bauer, Jana Parsons and Jay Shambaugh updated a previous study and found that fewer than half the U.S. counties that had work requirement waivers in the Great Recession would have qualified if the new Trump administration rule had been in effect then. The rules in place in 2007-2009 allowed states to quickly ramp up food aid eligibility as their communities lost jobs and the recession started.”

News Coverage Dec 21, 2019

The State Journal-Register: UIS Perspectives: Resolving to pursue a graduate credential

“According to a 2018 report published by The Hamilton Project, a program at the Brookings Institution that studies education and human capital development, “Americans with higher levels of education not only have higher wages but, for the most part, also have higher wage growth.” The graduate education experience can also build new skill sets and accelerate both professional networks and personal growth.”

News Coverage Dec 16, 2019

Ricochet – Political Economy with James Pethokoukis : Daniel Shoag: Reduce inequality and boost growth by building more housing

“Why have housing costs skyrocketed in the past few decades? To what extent do these costs keep people from moving to prospering cities in search of opportunity? And how can we combat this issue through both local and state policy? Daniel Shoag explores these questions in his recent policy analysis for the Hamilton Project, “Removing Barriers to Accessing High-Productivity Places.””

News Coverage Dec 13, 2019

WAMU: Local SNAP Recipients Prepare To Lose Food Stamps In Wake Of New Rule

“Research from the Brookings Institution suggests that SNAP is designed to expand during economic downturns, and in doing so, it offers nutrition assistance to low-income families and also provides economic stimulus to communities. Accordingly, researchers say, the new SNAP rule has greatly weakened a crucial part of the safety net for vulnerable populations. “I know that a lot of people think that we should be limiting access to the safety net, or are disappointed when enrollment levels are high,” says Lauren Bauer, a Brookings fellow who focuses on the economy. “But during a recession, to help stop the fall, we want to make sure that as many people as possible who are eligible are on the programs.””

News Coverage Dec 10, 2019

CBS News: Total Trump food-stamp cuts could hit up to 5.3 million households

“Safety net programs are designed to "provide a carrot and a stick for getting in the labor market," noted the Hamilton Project's Lauren Bauer. But, she added, three-quarters of food-stamp recipients impacted by a work requirement are already employed. "They're working in this low-wage labor market that makes it hard, particularly during economic downturns, to meet the requirements of the work requirement," Bauer said.”

News Coverage Dec 5, 2019

WSYX ABC6, Columbus Ohio: USDA Cites Strong Job Market in Change to Food Stamp Work Requirement Rules

““Despite a deeply worsening economic situation, even states with high unemployment rates may not qualify for a waiver under the final rule if their unemployment rate is not 20 percent higher than the national rate. Further, at the beginning of a recession, the economic situation will not have been bad for long enough to trigger eligibility based on an annual average,” researchers at the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project said in an analysis Wednesday.”

News Coverage Nov 22, 2019

Deseret News: Why are Men Dropping Out of the Workforce Despite a Strong Economy?

Jay Shambaugh, director of the Hamilton Project and a senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution, said men have seen a downward trend in working over the last half-century, largely due to falling rates among men with less education. Research, he said, has shown a decline in demand for their labor, and men with less than a high school education actually make $3.40 less per hour than they did in 1980.”