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News Coverage Sep 14, 2018

CBS Moneywatch: 5 groups still recovering from financial crisis

“Despite the ongoing economic recovery, people without a college or high school diploma still haven't recovered from the recession, a recent report from The Hamilton Project found. That's evidenced by the lower level of employment for less-educated workers. The employment rate for college-educated Americans stands at about 73 percent, but it's only 55 percent for those with just a high school degree.”

News Coverage Sep 14, 2018

Illinois Newsroom: Why Illinois Data On Chronic School Absences Could Be ‘Meaningless’

Lauren Bauer, a fellow at the [Hamilton Project at the] Brookings Institution, said it’s crucial that all schools use the same metrics when measuring chronic absence because they’re being compared against one another. (Bauer worked with the Hamilton Project, a policy initiative from the Brookings Institution, to create a data graphic that maps chronic absence rates nationwide.)”

News Coverage Sep 7, 2018

CBS MoneyWatch: What it takes to be middle class in America

"'Not only have less-educated groups not recovered as fully from the recession, they started at lower levels of employment rates prior to the crisis such that at this point, amongst those aged 25 and higher, 72.5 percent of those with a bachelor's degree work compared to just 55 percent of those with only a high school degree,' Hamilton Project fellow Lauren Bauer and director Jay Shambaugh wrote in an article about their research."

News Coverage Sep 5, 2018

The Hill: White House criticizes wage data compiled by federal agency

Jay Shambaugh, an economist at the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project and a member of the CEA under former President Obama, noted that even the proposed adjustments would not change the trend lines for wages. ‘The reality is real wage growth is lower right now,’ he said. ‘If they want to say it’s not zero, they’ve made proper adjustments to make that case. But it won’t change the story looking back.’”