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News Coverage Feb 28, 2019

Vox: Congress asked top experts for a plan to cut child poverty in half. Here it is.

“[Outlined in a Hamilton Project report by James P. Ziliak] a ‘work-based package,’ which increases the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), makes the Child Care Tax Credit fully refundable, boosts the minimum wage, and scales up WorkAdvance, a training program ‘in which program staff work closely with employers to place disadvantaged individuals with moderate job skills into training programs for specific sectors that have a strong demand for local workers.’”

News Coverage Feb 20, 2019

Long Beach Post: With 710 project moving ahead, more evidence highlights how freeway expansions worsen our situation

“It’s not about expanding what we have but managing better what already exists: prioritizing existing mass transit options and congestion pricing. Urbanists and transit advocates, myself included, have been constantly singing this from any stage we can—over and over and over and over. And a new report from Bookings’ Hamilton Project confirms just that.”

News Coverage Feb 12, 2019

GOVERNING: How Bad Is America’s Infrastructure Crisis? Maybe Not As Bad As It Seems.

“In a new paper from [The Hamilton Project at] the Brookings Institution, Turner contends that, by many measures, the nation’s infrastructure is in as good a shape as it has been for decades -- or even better. ‘There does not seem to be a pervasive crisis in infrastructure maintenance,’ he writes. ‘There are surely potholes, old buses and decrepit rail cars, but this situation is not obviously worse than it was 20 years ago.’”