THP events bring together key policymakers, academic experts, and business leaders to address our nation’s most pressing economic challenges.

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Past June 09, 2009

Implementing comparative effectiveness research: Priorities, methods, and impact

The Project co-hosted a forum with the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform to address the key questions surrounding comparative effectiveness research. The…
Past December 09, 2008

Improving the measurement of poverty

The Project held a policy forum and released a discussion paper by Rebecca Blank and Mark Greenberg on the need for a new national poverty measure that better …
Past December 05, 2008

From prison to work: Overcoming barriers to reentry

The Hamilton Project hosted a policy discussion on the challenges of prisoner reentry that featured a keynote address by U.S. Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.). The eve…
Past September 23, 2008

The future of housing and credit markets

The Project released new discussion papers and hosted panel discussions on housing and credit markets. The first panel explored ways to reform low-income housi…
Past July 25, 2008

Investing in America’s infrastructure: From bridges to broadband

Governor Tim Kaine joined Robert E. Rubin and Lawrence H. Summers in the opening session of a Hamilton Project public forum on the need for a national strategy…
Past June 05, 2008

Missing markets: Fostering market-based solutions to major risks

The Hamilton Project hosted a discussion on what the government can do to foster market-based solutions to major risks. Markets that could potentially mitigate…
Past April 14, 2008

Economic growth strategies for developing countries in an era of global uncertainty

Together with the Commission on Growth & Development, The Hamilton Project hosted a policy roundtable on the role of economic growth in reducing poverty in dev…
Past April 01, 2008

Easing the traffic jam through congestion pricing

David Lewis outlined his new Hamilton Project paper on the merits and potential barriers to congestion pricing as a tool for combating urban gridlock at an eve…
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