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News October 28, 2023

The New York Times: The ‘silver lining to the pandemic’ for working mothers

"The analysis, by the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution and based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data, identifies a major reason: the newfound abili…
News September 4, 2023

Marketplace: Women’s role in labor force continued to grow in August. Is the trend sustainable?

“Women’s overall labor force participation isn’t quite back to what it was before the pandemic, but that’s largely due to demographic change, according to Laur…
News September 3, 2023

Axios: ‘Shocking’: More mothers are working than ever before

“Defying all expectations, the percentage of women in the workforce with young children is significantly higher than it's ever been, says a new report from the…
News August 31, 2023

Bloomberg: The US jobs market may be turning

"Analysis by Lauren Bauer and Sarah Yu Wang at the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project shows that it’s women whose youngest child is below age 5 that are …
News June 27, 2023

PBS NewsHour: How an aging population poses challenges for U.S. economy, workforce and social programs

“New numbers from the Census Bureau show the U.S. population is older than it’s ever been, with the nation’s median age over 38. William Brangham spoke with Ph…
News June 2, 2023

Marketplace: Women’s labor force participation rate reaches an all-time high

“When COVID hit, two events occurred that drove millions of women out of the workforce, said Lauren Bauer at the Brookings Institution: 'First, the service sec…
News May 11, 2023

NBC News: Covid transformed the U.S. labor market, and it isn’t done yet

“‘Spending is back, demand for labor is back, but we have a smaller labor force,’ said Wendy Edelberg, director of the Hamilton Project and a senior fellow at …
News April 12, 2023

Wall Street Journal: Crosscurrents hide a rapidly cooling labor market

“Second, the U.S. population is 1.4 million people smaller and the labor force 900,000 smaller than would have been expected in 2019 because of deaths from Cov…
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