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News April 12, 2024

The New York Times: Immigrants in Maine are filling a labor gap. It may be a prelude for the U.S.

"'I’m very confident that we would not have seen the employment gains we saw last year — and we certainly can’t sustain it — without immigration,' said Wendy E…
News April 12, 2024

Associated Press: A healthy US economy’s secret ingredient: Immigrant workers, eager to fill jobs

"A study by Wendy Edelberg and Tara Watson, economists at the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project, has concluded that over the past two years, new immigra…
News April 9, 2024

U.S. News & World Report: What you need to know about the labor market

“'Faster population and labor force growth has meant that employment could grow more quickly than previously believed without adding to inflationary pressures,…
News April 7, 2024

NBC News: How immigrants are helping boost the U.S. job market without affecting inflation

“Wendy Edelberg, a former Federal Reserve economist now serving as director of Brookings’ Hamilton Project, told NBC News the net effect of immigration on infl…
News April 5, 2024

Bloomberg: Worried about the labor market overheating? Relax.

“In remarks Wednesday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said that healing supply chains and a jump in immigration helped explain why — at least in the recent past — gro…
Commentary April 5, 2024

Time: Immigration is powering the U.S. economy

"In future years, the vitality of the U.S. population and economy will hinge on immigration policy decisions made now."
News April 3, 2024

The Wall Street Journal: The jobs numbers aren’t adding up. Immigration helps explain why.

"'Lots and lots of people like me, every time they opened the employment report had in the back of their heads that anything above 100,000 is something out of …
News March 27, 2024

The Current Podcast: What a strong economy can and can’t fix

“Across a number of dimensions, the economy is doing quite well ... If we look at which kinds of families are still dealing with a lot of financial anxiety, ev…
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