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News January 4, 2024

The Wall Street Journal: The hidden force pushing mortgage rates down

“‘The people who are really holding these financial instruments seem a lot less worried about this market,’ said Wendy Edelberg, a senior fellow in economic st…
News December 19, 2023

The New York Times: As need rises, housing aid hits lowest level in nearly 25 years

“In the past 40 years, entitlements have grown 15 times as fast as discretionary programs outside of defense, Robert Greenstein of the Brookings Institution ha…
Commentary December 15, 2023

NextCity: How cities can spur the conversion of offices into greener apartments

“In a recent policy proposal, we lay out a set of criteria to identify commercial office properties that are suitable for conversion and determine that about …
News June 28, 2019

Wise infrastructure investments can stabilize the economy and reduce climate risk

Much of the nation’s economic activity is made possible by roads and railways. As policymakers consider new directions for infrastructure policy, The Hamilton …
April 21, 2015

Investing in the future of California’s water sector

Newsha Ajami | Barton "Buzz" Thompson
In late March, Governor Jerry Brown signed a billion-dollar emergency drought relief legislation package. Recent Hamilton Project authors Newsha K. Ajami and B…
Commentary April 10, 2008

Policies for tackling the mortgage mess

Hamilton Project scholar Doug Elmendorf testified before the Senate Banking Committee on possible policies for tackling the mortgage mess.