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News May 12, 2023

States Newsroom: Fast federal response to pandemic key to US economic recovery, economists say

“ said a ‘no-brainer’ in every recession is making sure that unemployment insurance and SNAP, and Medicaid are working swiftly and covering as many people as t…
News May 2, 2023

C-SPAN Washington Journal: Wendy Edelberg on the U.S. economy and recession concerns

“The way to think about the debt ceiling is like this. The U.S. taxpayer owes people money … These are all obligations that are in place because of laws that h…
News October 20, 2022

As recession fears rise, Washington begins to weigh how to respond

“‘I’m asked a lot by policymakers what we should do during the next recession if inflation is still high—this is very much on their minds right now, including …
Commentary September 12, 2022

Recession remedies in the face of high inflation

This paper, by Hamilton Project Director Wendy Edelberg, is part of an initiative from the Peterson Foundation to help illuminate and understand key fiscal and…
News July 2, 2022

The New York Times: What to do now to prepare for the next recession

"'A slowing economy,' Wendy Edelberg, the director of the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, told me, 'is always, in my mind, at risk of going into…
News May 17, 2022

The New York Times: What higher interest rates could mean for jobs

"If spending on durable goods declines sharply, 'I could easily see that creating a recession, because suppliers would be stuck with a massive amount of invent…
Commentary May 16, 2022

MarketWatch: Fix these 3 things so federal and state governments can offer more targeted help during the next recession

"While the lessons from this recession continue to unfold, the next recession may arrive sooner than we hope. Now is the time to identify lessons from the econ…
Commentary October 6, 2021

Wendy Edelberg testifies on raising revenue to invest in shared prosperity

Wendy Edelberg discusses the effects of the tax provisions being considered in the reconciliation package by Congress in response to the economic impacts of th…
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