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Commentary May 16, 2024

The Hill: We should plug the safety net’s biggest hole

"Over the past half-century, the U.S. safety net has grown considerably stronger for children and elderly adults, substantially reducing poverty among them. Bu…
News April 17, 2024

Axios: Who the U.S. economic safety net leaves behind

"While key tax breaks and support programs lift a significant percentage of children, parents and older Americans out of poverty, they barely move the needle o…
News October 27, 2023

Axios: Food insecurity spiked last year, new report shows

“So many households are struggling financially, even if their pay has gone up," says East, from The Hamilton Project, who has been studying pay increases. Now…
News July 27, 2023

The Washington Post: A year after Dobbs, House GOP proposes taking food from hungry babies

“Government officials have stuck to this commitment regardless of which part controlled the White House or either chamber of Congress, ‘even under Republican t…
News June 27, 2023

PBS NewsHour: How an aging population poses challenges for U.S. economy, workforce and social programs

“New numbers from the Census Bureau show the U.S. population is older than it’s ever been, with the nation’s median age over 38. William Brangham spoke with Ph…
News June 27, 2023

CNN: Making contraception free for low-income, uninsured women could prevent many unplanned pregnancies and abortions, new report shows

“On Tuesday, Bailey published a policy proposal that called for changes that would scrap the Title X sliding scale and instead make contraception free for low…
News June 10, 2023

CBC News: The U.S. uses a food stamp program to tackle food insecurity. Should Canada?

“Lauren Bauer, a fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution whose expertise includes federal nutrition assistance programs said it’s self evident …
News May 12, 2023

States Newsroom: Fast federal response to pandemic key to US economic recovery, economists say

“ said a ‘no-brainer’ in every recession is making sure that unemployment insurance and SNAP, and Medicaid are working swiftly and covering as many people as t…
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