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News May 12, 2023

States Newsroom: Fast federal response to pandemic key to US economic recovery, economists say

“ said a ‘no-brainer’ in every recession is making sure that unemployment insurance and SNAP, and Medicaid are working swiftly and covering as many people as t…
Commentary March 9, 2023

The Hill: How to fight poverty and boost work with an enhanced Child Tax Credit

“Our design maintains the overall anti-poverty effects of the 2021 expansion while encouraging the labor force participation of low-income parents. And it cost…
News March 3, 2023

States Newsroom: Child poverty dropped to a record low last year. A new report shows how to keep it the way.

“The expanded child tax credit that families received in 2021 helped reduce child poverty across the country, but particularly in the South where families lack…
News March 1, 2023

VOA: SNAP supplement expiration seen leaving many Americans hungry

“’ should not be on the chopping block unless policymakers want to increase child poverty and undernutrition, widen inequality and exacerbate racial disparitie…
News February 11, 2023

The New Yorker: Does the president have control over inflation?

“Wendy Edelberg, the director of the Hamilton Project and a senior fellow in economics at the Brookings Institution, agreed. ‘It’s true, the American Rescue Pl…
News February 1, 2023

Kansas City Star: Hawley wants to shield Social Security, Medicare from debt ceiling talks. Experts say it won’t work

“‘It pretends that Social Security recipients and Medicare recipients are not actually part of a broader economy that would be completely hammered by this incr…
News January 30, 2023

National Academy of Social Insurance: National Academy of Social Insurance welcomes fifty-one new members

“The Board of Directors of the National Academy of Social Insurance has approved the election of 51 distinguished experts to the Academy. The Academy’s members…
Commentary November 9, 2022

Science-based increase in SNAP benefits should result in a healthier citizenry

Bob Greenstein explains how an increase in SNAP benefits will benefit millions of Americans and should lead to a healthier, more productive citizenry and workf…
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