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News August 15, 2023

Associated Press: ‘Bidenomics’ delivered a once-in-generation investment. It shows the pros and cons of policymaking

“’We spent decades underinvesting,’ said Wendy Edelberg, a former chief economist at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and now a senior fellow in eco…
News June 29, 2023

Axios: America may need to start caring about the deficit again

“‘The pandemic created enormous economic losses, and we used borrowing not so much to make the losses vanish into thin air but to spread them out over time,’ W…
Commentary March 21, 2023

Project Syndicate: The Fed must not flinch

“The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are significant market events. But, given an overheated labor market and 1970s-like inflation, if the F…
News February 7, 2023

PBS NewsHour: WATCH: Economic policy and Biden’s presidency | 2023 State of the Union

Inflation and its impact on the wider economy and the lives of people across the country has dominated domestic policy concerns this past year. The PBS NewsHou…
News January 20, 2023

NPR Detroit: Why another debt ceiling fight looms in Congress

“Wendy Edelberg is the director of The Hamilton Project and a senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution. She previously served as the Chie…
Commentary February 28, 2020

Podcast—Larry Summers & Jay Shambaugh on progressive tax reform

Hamilton Project Director Jay Shambaugh interviews former treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, now a professor at Harvard University, about reforming the tax c…
News April 15, 2019

Three proposals to give Americans a tax break and increase labor force participation

This tax season, some Americans will receive a financial boost from federal and state refunds while others will face unexpected payments. The Hamilton Project …
May 23, 2017

Across-the-board spending cuts do not make children or the economy healthier

The difficult realities and constraints facing the U.S. federal budget, coupled with the evident value of investing in children and families, raise a complex q…
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