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News May 4, 2024

CNN: They have jobs but still need help to feed their families

“In addition to rising prices, another pressure for many middle class families is that their wages have not kept up with inflation as well as the pay of their …
News April 17, 2024

Axios: Who the U.S. economic safety net leaves behind

"While key tax breaks and support programs lift a significant percentage of children, parents and older Americans out of poverty, they barely move the needle o…
News December 22, 2023

POLITICO: States slow to opt into permanent summer meals program

“A 2020 study from The Hamilton Project, an economic policy group within the Brookings Institution, found preliminary evidence that the program meaningfully re…
News December 19, 2023

The New York Times: As need rises, housing aid hits lowest level in nearly 25 years

“In the past 40 years, entitlements have grown 15 times as fast as discretionary programs outside of defense, Robert Greenstein of the Brookings Institution ha…
News October 27, 2023

Axios: Food insecurity spiked last year, new report shows

“So many households are struggling financially, even if their pay has gone up," says East, from The Hamilton Project, who has been studying pay increases. Now…
News August 23, 2023

The Hill: Pressley presses big banks for updates on $30 billion in racial equity pledges

"The congresswomen cited a 2020 study from The Hamilton Project that found white households held 84 percent of the wealth in the country, despite accounting fo…
News August 19, 2023

Bloomberg: US consumers near day of reckoning as pandemic cash stash shrinks

“So far at least, such signs of distress are not cause for alarm, according to Edelberg and Goulas of Brookings. But if financially strapped households rack up…
Commentary November 9, 2022

Science-based increase in SNAP benefits should result in a healthier citizenry

Bob Greenstein explains how an increase in SNAP benefits will benefit millions of Americans and should lead to a healthier, more productive citizenry and workf…
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