The Hamilton Project produces and commissions policy proposals and analyses to promote broad-based economic growth by embracing a significant role for well-designed government policies and public investment.

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Policy Proposals September 27, 2023

The coming fiscal cliff: A blueprint for tax reform in 2025

Ahead of the expiration of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions, Natasha Sarin and Kimberly Clausing offer principles and options to guide tax policy choices in 20…
Policy Proposals June 27, 2023

Increasing Financial Access to Contraception for Low-Income Americans 

Changes to Title X could increase the affordability of contraception for low-income Americans. A randomized control trial suggests that doing so would increase…
Policy Proposals June 21, 2023

Federal Policies to Address Persistent Generic Drug Shortages

Generic sterile injectable (GSI) drugs are the staple of hospital care but are particularly prone to shortages driven by market dynamics. Marta Wosińska and Ri…
Policy Proposals April 27, 2023

Principles for Public Investment in Climate-Responsible Energy Innovation

This proposal lays out the rationale for substantially increasing federal spending on clean energy research and development, along with four foundational pilla…
Policy Proposals December 7, 2022

Renewing America, Revamping Immigration

In a policy proposal, Jennifer Hunt identifies reforms to the U.S. immigration system that would increase its economic benefits to the native born, enforce its…
Policy Proposals December 7, 2022

A More Equitable Distribution of the Positive Fiscal Benefits of Immigration

Immigration is good for the U.S. economy and for the fiscal picture at the federal level, but some local areas experience adverse fiscal impacts when new immig…
Policy Proposals September 28, 2022

Building the Analytic Capacity to Support Critical Technology Strategy

To build the intellectual foundations, data, and analytics needed to inform national technology strategy, Erica R.H. Fuchs proposes the creation of a national …
Policy Proposals September 28, 2022

An Industrial Policy for Good Jobs

A modern approach to industrial policy must target "good-jobs externalities" and include the service sector, Dani Rodrik argues. He proposes two specific initi…
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