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Papers March 7, 2024

New immigration estimates help make sense of the pace of employment

This analysis considers recent immigration flows and implications for the labor market, consumer spending, GDP, and inflation.
Posts February 29, 2024

All workers should be able to earn time off: The federal government should guarantee it

Betsey Stevenson proposes "earned time off," which would make paid leave available to more workers and give them control over how to use it.
Posts December 7, 2023

Which nontraditional students are also in the labor force?

An assessment of nontraditional students focuses on prime-age adults who are both in the labor force and enrolled in postsecondary programs.
Posts October 24, 2023

Have workers gotten a raise?

A comprehensive evaluation of real pay changes since the pandemic looks at pay measures, inflation effects, and the distributional breakdown.
Papers October 5, 2023

A primer on SNAP work requirements

An explainer on work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) summarizes the research on…
Posts September 26, 2023

The coming end of federal child care funding threatens working mothers’ gains

Women have made impressive gains in the labor market, but if Congress fails to allocate additional funding for the sector, work will be more difficult for mill…
Posts August 30, 2023

Prime-age women are going above and beyond in the labor market recovery

The greatest contributors to the post-pandemic rebound in labor force participation are prime-age women–remarkably, those with young children.
Papers August 1, 2023

Deteriorating household finances will not support strong spending

An analysis of household finances finds that Americans face a financial choice: slow down their spending or take on more debt.
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