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Papers October 12, 2023

Declining school enrollment since the pandemic

An analysis of public school enrollment decline after the COVID-19 pandemic looks at differences by socioeconomic status, locale, and types of schools.
Papers October 5, 2023

A primer on SNAP work requirements

An explainer on work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) summarizes the research on…
Posts October 3, 2023

Event recap—Taking on tax: The past, present, and future

The Hamilton Project at Brookings convened experts on September 27, 2023 to discuss the future of tax policy.
Papers September 27, 2023

Look beyond gross domestic product to assess the effects of tax reforms

Wendy Edelberg and Ben Harris scrutinize the misplaced focus on aggregate output in tax policy debates and suggest other considerations to prioritize.
Policy Proposals September 27, 2023

The coming fiscal cliff: A blueprint for tax reform in 2025

Ahead of the expiration of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions, Natasha Sarin and Kimberly Clausing offer principles and options to guide tax policy choices in 20…
Posts September 26, 2023

The coming end of federal child care funding threatens working mothers’ gains

Women have made impressive gains in the labor market, but if Congress fails to allocate additional funding for the sector, work will be more difficult for mill…
Posts September 7, 2023

The power of policy to reduce poverty: Lessons from the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, poverty dropped to a historic low, demonstrating the power of effective policy.
Posts August 30, 2023

Prime-Age Women Are Going Above and Beyond in the Labor Market Recovery

The greatest contributors to the post-pandemic rebound in labor force participation are prime-age women–remarkably, those with young children.
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