The Hamilton Project produces and commissions policy proposals and analyses to promote broad-based economic growth by embracing a significant role for well-designed government policies and public investment.

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Papers March 14, 2024

Breaking down enrollment declines in public schools

This analysis breaks down public school enrollment changes by school size and investigates which type, locale, and level of schools have sustained substantial …
Papers March 7, 2024

New immigration estimates help make sense of the pace of employment

This analysis considers recent immigration flows and implications for the labor market, consumer spending, GDP, and inflation.
Posts February 29, 2024

All workers should be able to earn time off: The federal government should guarantee it

Betsey Stevenson proposes "earned time off," which would make paid leave available to more workers and give them control over how to use it.
Papers February 27, 2024

Climate tax policy reform options in 2025

Climate tax policy options are evaluated by their emissions reductions, economic efficiency, and fiscal impact.
Posts December 14, 2023

The Hamilton Project: 2023 in figures

These figures provide snapshots of The Hamilton Project's 2023 work on topics including tax, contraception, and climate.
Posts December 7, 2023

Which nontraditional students are also in the labor force?

An assessment of nontraditional students focuses on prime-age adults who are both in the labor force and enrolled in postsecondary programs.
Posts November 16, 2023

High mortgage rates are probably here for a while

An analysis identifies factors behind the increase in mortgage rates and the gap between mortgage rates and U.S. Treasury securities.
Posts November 8, 2023

Event recap—We’ve got you covered: Meeting basic health care needs

On Thursday October 26, 2023, The Hamilton Project at Brookings hosted an event to discuss health care policy reform in the United States featuring a discussio…
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