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Papers June 28, 2022

Targeting, universalism, and other factors affecting social programs’ political strength

Robert Greenstein looks back at the last four decades of social programs to assess factors affecting social programs' political strength, as well as their pove…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from economic impact payments during COVID-19

Examines the more than $800 billion in cash that was distributed to all but the highest-income households in the three rounds of Economic Impact Payments (EIPs…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from expanded unemployment insurance during COVID-19

Reviews the substantial expansion of UI—supplementing state-provided benefits, expanding eligibility to those not traditionally eligible, and extending the dur…
Economic Facts September 29, 2021

11 facts on the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

In these Economic Facts, the Hamilton Project reviews recent economic data to provide context for assessing the state of the economic recovery and highlight ar…
Posts September 29, 2021

An update on the effect of Pandemic EBT on measures of food hardship

Lauren Bauer, Krista Ruffini, and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach offer a preliminary analysis of the effect of the Pandemic EBT program on food hardship to date.
Posts August 19, 2021

A healthy reform to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Updating the Thrifty Food Plan

In a new analysis from The Hamilton Project, Lauren Bauer explores how the 2021 revision of the Thrifty Food plan will support families currently facing food i…
Papers July 22, 2021

Time waited for no mom in 2020

In 2020, mothers of younger children were primary and primarily caregivers.
Posts June 29, 2021

The critical role of social insurance in the US and policies for reform

In a new blog, Elizabeth Lee, Sophia Mariam, Este Griffith, Robert Greenstein explore the role of social insurance and highlight policy proposals for reforms t…
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