The Hamilton Project produces and commissions policy proposals and analyses to promote broad-based economic growth by embracing a significant role for well-designed government policies and public investment.

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Papers July 1, 2006

Growth, opportunity, and prosperity in a globalizing economy

This framing paper articulates a philosophy of embracing international competition while investing in workers and market-friendly insurance. The underlying goa…
Policy Proposals July 1, 2006

The ‘simple return’: Reducing America’s tax burden through simple return-free filing

In this paper, Austan Goolsbee proposes phasing in a simple program known as the "Simple Return," that would allow the U.S. government to take advantage of the…
Papers April 1, 2006

An economic strategy to advance opportunity, prosperity, and growth

Americans’ long-held belief that education and hard work advances each generation’ outlook has provided a powerful incentive for industrious activity, spurring…
Policy Proposals April 1, 2006

Summer opportunity scholarships (SOS): A proposal to narrow the skills gap

Even in early grades, a large skill gap exists between students from economically advantaged and disadvantaged families. This paper outlines a program based on…
Policy Proposals April 1, 2006

Improving opportunities and incentives for saving by middle- and low-income households

Many middle- and low-income Americans retire without having accumulated sufficient savings to enjoy a comfortable retirement. This paper proposes changing the …
Policy Proposals April 1, 2006

Identifying effective teachers using performance on the job

This paper outlines a program of federal support to help states measure the effectiveness of individual teachers. Teachers who receive good evaluations would b…
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