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News October 24, 2023

The Wall Street Journal: How the highest bond yields in 16 years could chill the hot U.S. economy

“Wendy Edelberg, a former CBO chief economist, said higher interest expenses will ultimately force policy makers to choose if they will accept higher borrowing…
News September 4, 2023

Marketplace: Women’s role in labor force continued to grow in August. Is the trend sustainable?

“Women’s overall labor force participation isn’t quite back to what it was before the pandemic, but that’s largely due to demographic change, according to Laur…
News September 3, 2023

Axios: ‘Shocking’: More mothers are working than ever before

“Defying all expectations, the percentage of women in the workforce with young children is significantly higher than it's ever been, says a new report from the…
News August 31, 2023

Bloomberg: The US jobs market may be turning

"Analysis by Lauren Bauer and Sarah Yu Wang at the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project shows that it’s women whose youngest child is below age 5 that are …
News August 23, 2023

The Hill: Pressley presses big banks for updates on $30 billion in racial equity pledges

"The congresswomen cited a 2020 study from The Hamilton Project that found white households held 84 percent of the wealth in the country, despite accounting fo…
News August 19, 2023

Bloomberg: US consumers near day of reckoning as pandemic cash stash shrinks

“So far at least, such signs of distress are not cause for alarm, according to Edelberg and Goulas of Brookings. But if financially strapped households rack up…
News August 15, 2023

Associated Press: ‘Bidenomics’ delivered a once-in-generation investment. It shows the pros and cons of policymaking

“’We spent decades underinvesting,’ said Wendy Edelberg, a former chief economist at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and now a senior fellow in eco…
News August 8, 2023

Bloomberg: What no landing looks like to a Treasury bond investor

"Quote of the week: 'If households were to sustain their current spending trends and increasingly finance spending with borrowing, financial health could deter…
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