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News July 12, 2023

CNN Business: Inflation just fell when rate hikes were paused. So why should the Fed keep hiking?

“They now have in hand evidence of a slowing labor market, a decline in goods prices excluding food and energy, roughly unchanged prices in an important catego…
News July 11, 2023

Straight Talk: Decision making, free expression, politics, & climate policy

“Hank welcomes Bob Rubin (Chairman Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations and 70th US Treasury Secretary) back to the podcast to discuss his new book The Yello…
News July 5, 2023

Bloomberg Government: Banning ‘junk foods’ from nutrition aid provokes partisan fight

“Most SNAP recipients use multiple forms of payment, like cash or debit cards, with their benefits. That means if recipients can’t buy sugary beverages or proc…
News July 3, 2023

Financial Times: Millions of US borrowers brace for the return of student debt payments

“Wendy Edelberg, director of the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, said some degree of economic cooling should be welcome, with consumer spending …
Commentary July 3, 2023

Dollar & Sense Podcast: Why immigrants are America’s superpower

“Wendy Edelberg, senior fellow and director of The Hamilton Project at Brookings, discusses the positive impact of immigration on the dynamism and fiscal susta…
News June 29, 2023

Axios: America may need to start caring about the deficit again

“‘The pandemic created enormous economic losses, and we used borrowing not so much to make the losses vanish into thin air but to spread them out over time,’ W…
News June 28, 2023

Barron's: Patients can’t get some lifesaving drugs. What’s causing the shortages

“The Brookings report, from the think tank’s Hamilton Project, suggests creating incentives to nudge hospitals to buy from more-reliable generic drug manufactu…
News June 27, 2023

PBS NewsHour: How an aging population poses challenges for U.S. economy, workforce and social programs

“New numbers from the Census Bureau show the U.S. population is older than it’s ever been, with the nation’s median age over 38. William Brangham spoke with Ph…
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