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News May 31, 2023

Business Insider: Biden and McCarthy’s plan to change SNAP work requirements in the debt-ceiling deal could actually expand benefits — but not employment

“Lauren Bauer, a fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution and the associate director of The Hamilton Project at Brookings, said during a media b…
News May 31, 2023

TIME: Why Janet Yellen doesn’t lose sleep over U.S. borrowing that alarms most Americans

“Wendy Edelberg, a former chief economist at the Congressional Budget Office, says better budgeting will be needed in the long run, because ‘you can’t have the…
News May 28, 2023

MSNBC American Voices: Combative debt ceiling process in question as deal is reached

“It’s really important to talk about the deal. It’s really important. It will affect the way the federal government does its job over the next two years, but I…
News May 26, 2023

NBC: Debt ceiling news: A deal could come soon, GOP aide says

“Even if one of those proposals was acted upon, it still doesn’t get around the larger psychological effects that would occur in the global financial markets …
Commentary May 26, 2023

CNN: The only solution to the debt limit crisis

“While use of unprecedented workarounds could indeed allow Treasury to continue to spend, such actions would not be without legal uncertainty and would not pre…
News May 20, 2023

The Wall Street Journal: Debt-ceiling standoff could start a recession, but default would be worse

“If no deal is reached and the government can’t pay all its bills for days or weeks, repercussions would be enormous. ’There would be chaos in the global finan…
News May 18, 2023

PBS NewsHour: Economic experts on what could happen if Congress fails to raise debt ceiling

“I asked Wendy Edelberg, former chief economist of the Congressional Budget Office, what are your odds as to whether or not this is resolved before zero hour? …
Commentary May 17, 2023

Wendy Edelberg Testifies on How a US Default Crisis Harms American Families and Businesses

THP Director Wendy Edelberg testified before the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee in a hearing titled “Counting the Costs: How a U.S. Default Crisis Harm…
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