The Hamilton Project produces and commissions policy proposals and analyses to promote broad-based economic growth by embracing a significant role for well-designed government policies and public investment.

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Posts October 14, 2021

Has COVID disrupted the postsecondary pipeline?

Lauren Bauer, Veronica Clevenstine, Wendy Edelberg, Elisabeth Raczek, and Winnie Yee explore how the decision whether to enroll in school or work during the pa…
Policy Proposals May 12, 2021

Increasing Federal Investment in Children’s Early Care and Education to Raise Quality, Access, and Affordability

In this proposal, Elizabeth Davis and Aaron Sojourner of the University of Minnesota propose an ambitious vision to increase federal funding for Early Childhoo…
Posts January 11, 2021

Higher Education’s Reopening Decisions Affected the Most Vulnerable Students

In this analysis, Kristen Broady, Eliana Buckner, Jennifer Umanzor, and Sarah Wheaton find that while nearly every school in our sample offered in-person exper…
Posts October 8, 2020

Major Decisions: What Graduates Earn Over Their Lifetimes

For many years, The Hamilton Project has produced data interactives that help young people make decisions regarding their education and careers. We have update…
Policy Proposals October 8, 2020

Building Tomorrow’s Workforce Today: Twin Proposals for the Future of Learning, Opportunity, and Work

In this proposal, Richard Arum and Mitchell Stevens propose twin federal government initiatives to incentivize innovation in instructional delivery throughout …
Posts October 1, 2020

Teen Disengagement is on the Rise

In this analysis, we present two data interactives that let you explore how trends in teen labor force participation and school enrollment during the academic …
Papers July 30, 2020

The Effect of Pandemic EBT on Measures of Food Hardship

In this blog post, Lauren Bauer, Abigail Pitts, Krista Ruffini, and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach find that Pandemic EBT reduced food hardship experienced by low…
Papers October 3, 2019

Labor Force Nonparticipation: Trends, Causes, and Policy Solutions

In this strategy paper, The Hamilton Project explores the decline in U.S. LFPR as well as patterns by age, gender, race, and education. We then assess potentia…
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