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Posts February 8, 2023

Nurse Licensure Compacts Before, During, and After COVID

A summary of changes to licensing requirements for nurses focuses on pandemic-era measures and the Nurse Licensure Compact.
Policy Proposals March 10, 2020

Reducing Administrative Costs in U.S. Health Care

U.S. health-care spending on administrative costs far exceeds the amount necessary to deliver effective health care. David Cutler proposes several reforms to r…
Economic Facts March 10, 2020

A Dozen Facts about the Economics of the U.S. Health-Care System

A well-functioning health-care sector supports well-being and is a prerequisite for a well-functioning economy. Unfortunately, the problems with U.S. health ca…
Policy Proposals March 10, 2020

A Proposal to Cap Provider Prices and Price Growth in the Commercial Health-Care Market

The United States spends a larger share of its GDP on health care than any other advanced economy. This high private sector health-care spending in the United …
Policy Proposals March 10, 2020

What to Do about Health-Care Markets? Policies to Make Health-Care Markets Work

Martin Gaynor of Carnegie Mellon University describes the substantial consolidation that has occurred in health-care markets, showing that it is has generally …
Posts March 2, 2020

What Should a Fiscal Response to a COVID-19 Outbreak Look Like?

Hamilton Project Director Jay Shambaugh comments on the COVID-19 virus and how economic policies with automatic triggers can alleviate the financial burden of …
Policy Proposals May 16, 2019

Increasing Federal Support for State Medicaid and CHIP Programs in Response to Economic Downturns

In the face of large declines in tax revenues and increased demand for state programs during and after recessions, state governments are often forced to raise …
Policy Proposals June 13, 2018

Removing Anticompetitive Barriers for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants

High levels of U.S. health-care spending and inadequate health outcomes make it vital for policymakers to explore opportunities for enhancing productivity in t…
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