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Posts May 23, 2023

Debt ceiling brinksmanship has clear negative effects on taxpayers

Debt limit brinksmanship is already impacting Treasury securities. The increase in interest rates represents a cost to taxpayers and a lack of confidence among…
Posts March 23, 2023

Are We Headed for the Soft-ish Landing Projected by CBO and the Fed?

Recent CBO and Fed projections point toward a soft-ish landing: a return to low inflation with only a modest slowdown in economic activity and the labor market.
Posts December 9, 2022

Event Recap: The Economic Benefits of Immigration

A December 2022 webcast featuring Sen. Joe Manchin and two roundtables of experts explored how to increase and more equitably share the economic benefits of im…
Policy Proposals December 7, 2022

A More Equitable Distribution of the Positive Fiscal Benefits of Immigration

Immigration is good for the U.S. economy and for the fiscal picture at the federal level, but some local areas experience adverse fiscal impacts when new immig…
Economic Facts September 28, 2022

Nine Facts about the Service Sector in the United States

Nine factors about the service sector illustrate recent trends in spending, employment, and inflation as the country continues to rebalance.
Papers March 22, 2022

Bolstered Balance Sheets: Assessing Household Finances since 2019

A Hamilton Project analysis on how household balance sheets have evolved since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic finds that, in aggregate, households’ financi…
Economic Facts September 29, 2021

11 Facts on the Economic Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these Economic Facts, the Hamilton Project reviews recent economic data to provide context for assessing the state of the economic recovery and highlight ar…
Policy Proposals May 12, 2021

A Proposal for a Federal Paid Parental and Medical Leave Program

In a new policy proposal, Tanya Byker and Elena Patel propose the creation of a federal Paid Parental and Medical Leave (PPML) program. The proposal would esta…
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