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Papers October 5, 2023

A primer on SNAP work requirements

An explainer on work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) summarizes the research on…
Papers March 1, 2023

The Case for and Challenges of Delivering In-Kind Nutrition Assistance to Children

This essay makes the case that in-kind nutrition benefits—both in the form of prepared meals and grocery vouchers—support a healthy and hunger-free childhood.
Posts August 26, 2022

Food Security Shouldn’t Take a Summer Vacation

Pandemic EBT has the potential to be a powerful tool to fight food hardship among children when schools close for summer. But to realize its potential, states …
Posts June 30, 2022

Event Recap—Lessons for Strengthening Social Insurance  

A June 2022 Hamilton Project event explored how program design matters for the long-term success of social insurance programs.
Papers June 28, 2022

Targeting, Universalism, and Other Factors Affecting Social Programs’ Political Strength

Robert Greenstein looks back at the last four decades of social programs to assess factors affecting social programs' political strength, as well as their …
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons Learned from Economic Impact Payments During COVID-19

Examines the more than $800 billion in cash that was distributed to all but the highest-income households in the three rounds of Economic Impact Payments (EIPs…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons Learned from Expanded Unemployment Insurance During COVID-19

Reviews the substantial expansion of UI—supplementing state-provided benefits, expanding eligibility to those not traditionally eligible, and extending the dur…
Posts September 29, 2021

An Update on the Effect of Pandemic EBT on Measures of Food Hardship

Lauren Bauer, Krista Ruffini, and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach offer a preliminary analysis of the effect of the Pandemic EBT program on food hardship to date.
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