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News October 26, 2018

The Labor Market is Booming, Why Aren’t Your Wages?

If the labor market is showing signs of strength, why is there nearly zero growth in wages after adjusting for inflation? In this commentary, Ryan Nunn and Jay…
News October 19, 2018

Place-Based Policies for Shared Economic Growth

Where people live in the United States is often a key determinant of their economic outcomes. This article explores the disparities that exist between counties…
News October 2, 2018

The Places America’s Rich and Poor Call Home

Where people live in the U.S. makes a big difference to their chances of enjoying a long and prosperous life. Kriston McIntosh, Ryan Nunn and Jay Shambaugh exp…
September 12, 2018

Behind the Numbers: Millions Seeking a Path Out of Poverty

The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that 39.7 million Americans experienced poverty last year. In this commentary, Lauren Bauer takes a closer look at the…
News August 28, 2018

Improving Health Care Through Occupational Licensing Reform

In this blog post, Hamilton Project Policy Director Ryan Nunn discusses occupational licensing reform and its potential impact on the U.S. health care system. …
Commentary June 13, 2018

American Markets Need More Competition and More New Businesses

Jay Shambaugh and Ryan Nunn discuss ways to make the U.S economy a dynamic market where new ideas can thrive, new businesses can reshape the economic landscape…
May 20, 2018

The Chilling Effect of Non-Compete Agreements

Matt Marx
Matt Marx of Boston University and Ryan Nunn of the Hamilton Project describe the conditions under which non-competes are used and explain how current practice…
News April 18, 2018

Why We Need to Help Kids Go to College Wherever They Want

Abigail Wozniak
Limited college access is an issue that impacts students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those from both rural and urban communities. In this op-…
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