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June 14, 2019

Does Head Start work? The debate over the Head Start impact study, explained

Early childhood education improves school readiness and has impacts not only into adulthood, but on the next generation, according to commentary by Fellow Laur…
April 25, 2019

What explains occupational licensing?

How and why does occupational licensing exist? As policymakers consider reforms, Hamilton Project Policy Director Ryan Nunn and Gabriel Scheffler of Penn Law S…
News April 15, 2019

Three proposals to give Americans a tax break and increase labor force participation

This tax season, some Americans will receive a financial boost from federal and state refunds while others will face unexpected payments. The Hamilton Project …
Commentary April 3, 2019

Jay Shambaugh testifies on the impact of proposed work requirements for SNAP recipients

On April 3, 2019, Jay Shambaugh testified before the U.S. House Agriculture Subcommittee on Department Operations Oversight, Nutrition and Forestry during the …
News January 17, 2019

Eliminating the anti-competitive effects of occupational licensing

Overly restrictive regulations can prevent many workers from finding the employment that best fits their talents and training. In this op-ed, Hamilton Project …
News December 3, 2018

Six charts on the immigrants who call the US home

Kriston McIntosh, Ryan Nunn and Jay Shambaugh of The Hamilton Project highlight select figures from a set of economic facts about the role of immigration in th…
News October 26, 2018

The labor market is booming, why aren’t your wages?

If the labor market is showing signs of strength, why is there nearly zero growth in wages after adjusting for inflation? In this commentary, Ryan Nunn and Jay…
News October 19, 2018

Place-based policies for shared economic growth

Where people live in the United States is often a key determinant of their economic outcomes. This article explores the disparities that exist between counties…
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