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Posts September 7, 2023

The power of policy to reduce poverty: Lessons from the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, poverty dropped to a historic low, demonstrating the power of effective policy.
Posts May 18, 2022

Inflation-related updates to Recession Remedies

In this analysis we offer inflation-related updates to Chapter 1 of Recession Remedies: Lessons Learned from the U.S. Economic Policy Response to COVID-19, hig…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from economic impact payments during COVID-19

Examines the more than $800 billion in cash that was distributed to all but the highest-income households in the three rounds of Economic Impact Payments (EIPs…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from expanded unemployment insurance during COVID-19

Reviews the substantial expansion of UI—supplementing state-provided benefits, expanding eligibility to those not traditionally eligible, and extending the dur…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from housing policy during COVID-19

Part I: Reviews the aid offered those among the roughly 50 million homeowners with mortgages who struggled to make payments because of the pandemic. Part II: R…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from monetary and fiscal policy during COVID-19

Examines the role of monetary policy in keeping interest rates low in the wake of a surge in federal borrowing to assess whether a similar increase in borrowin…
Policy Books April 27, 2022

Recession Remedies: Lessons learned from the US economic policy response to COVID-19

In the United States, COVID-19 triggered a sharp economic downturn. Yet, the ensuing economic recovery was faster and stronger than nearly any forecaster antic…
Papers April 27, 2022

Lessons learned from support for the state and local sector during COVID-19

Looks at the nearly $1 trillion that the federal government provided to state and local governments.
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